Powder Coaters

Kya Sand Coatings was established to fill an identified niche in the powder coating and sheet metal fabrication businesses in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa. The corporation operates from premises centrally situated in the busy industrial area of Kya Sand – a short drive from the N1 North Highway in Randburg and therefore easily accessible.

We offer the following services:

  • Steel and Aluminium Fabrications

Fabrications, including sheet metal work, make up a large part of our work. From ducting to turn key powder coating and spray booths there is nothing we won’t try.

  • Exhibition and Display Systems 

Quality, speed and durability are what counts in these industries. The powder coating system we have caters to all these needs. Recoloring and sprucing up tired-looking units is all a part of our services. Building from the ground up display stands to your specifications is all done in house.

  • Architects and Interior Designers

With the services we offer the ideas in this area of design are endless. We have become well known over the years for going that extra step to achieve that finish that you require. These are just some of the things we offer:

Standard colors, Surreal effects, Color bond, Translucent colors.

If you are looking for something a little different, contact us.

  • Lighting

Colors to match walls and ceilings or silvers to look like stainless steel and aluminium are a large part of what we do for the lighting companies. Recoating existing or restoring lights are also a big part of this industry. Our range of textures and ripples also add a new dimension to commercial and domestic lighting.

  • Signage

Powder coating has become a big part of the signage industry. The coatings are so flexible we can even coat your screws and pop rivets. We offer a wide range of colours for the following:

Light boxes, Backing panels, Laser cut designs, A frames, Extrusions.

  • Furniture

This is a very big part of our everyday lives and we all use it regularly. Durability and colors are important here, be it on street furniture, café and office furniture or in the home and garden. Talk to us, our furniture experience is second to none.

  • Recoating

We find the recoating service we provide gives flexibility and cuts costs by using existing stock and recoating with another colour of your choice. We will help you with the whole process to obtain a fantastic result and finish.

  •  Home and Garden Elements

Here at Kya Sand Coatings we have helped people save money and have given new life to those sentimental pieces by using our very own ‘Turn Old to New’ philosophy. Why get rid of something when we can give it a new lease on life? Recoloring is a service we provide which helps make your living environment more enjoyable by offering a host of colors and effects for wrought iron, steel and aluminium furniture and elements for interior and exterior use by applying a new color coating to an existing Powder Coating finish.


Powder coating

a complete powder coating facility is available embracing cleaning, spray painting and baking of any metal products to give a long-lasting, protective and durable finish. We also specialise in shelving refurbishment for nationwide franchises/department stores.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

specialising in the manufacture of spray-boothsand baking ovens for motor vehicles, trucks and helicopters and furniture manufacturers throughout Southern Africa as well as a vast array of other sheet metal fabrication such as ducting, advertising stands and frames and sporting equipment, to mention but a few.